What is a puppy dial gauges and Guide to use this in engineering

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What is a puppy dial gauge in Industries and puppy dial pics।

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Defination of puppy dial gauge or instruments?

A puppy dial gauge, also known as a puppy indicator or puppy dial indicator, it is a measuring tool commonly used in engineering, machining, and manufacturing to measure small distances or changes in position.

The gauge consists of a small dial indicator mounted on a spring-loaded stem with a pointed tip or "puppy" that can be moved up and down. 

The puppy is placed against the surface being measured, and the gauge is adjusted to zero at the starting position. As the surface is moved or adjusted, the gauge provides a precise reading of the distance or change in position.

The term "puppy" refers to the small protrusion on the end of the stem that makes contact with the surface being measured, which is said to resemble a puppy's nose. 

What is the used of puppy dial in industrial ?

Puppy dial gauges are commonly used in conjunction with other tools and equipment such as micrometers, height gauges, and surface plates to ensure precise and accurate measurements in various manufacturing processes.


Q - Puppy dial gauge least count kitna hota hai?

Ans - The least count of a dial test indicator or a puppy dial gauge is typically 0.01 mm (or 0.0005 inches).

Q - Puppy dial Gauge Needle material kya hai?

Ans - The needle of a dial test indicator or a puppy dial gauge is usually made of a hard and durable material like tungsten carbide, ruby, or ceramic.

Q - Puppy dial gauge kis company ka purchase karna chahiye?

Ans - puppy dial gauge , mitutoyo ka purchase karna chahiye।

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